I want a new phone.

I want a new phone not because mine doesn’t work anymore, it just using too much power consumption and starting a little bit slow to read 9gag overtime. So, I made a list of the new phone how I want it to be, if someone out there boring enough to read this blog, and open a mobile phone manufacturer, please make this phone happen.. LoL

OnePlus One could be a great choice, but no SD card extension is a terrible idea.

– With OLED screen, size from 4.5-5.5inch, 1920×1080, PPI 400+ (with software control)
– Corning© Gorilla© Glass 3 screen protection
– Sony camera, with LED flashlight, front camera is optional (I don’t selfie)
– Has at least 1080p video record running at 30+fps and 720p running at 60-120fps for slow-motion
– Quad core CPU, running in low clock speed and boost up when dealing with heavy work
– Reasonable GPU
– At least 32GB of ROM, SD Card extension is a must
– 3GBs+ RAM
– Battery life 18hours+ in normal use (Should be easy enough for OLED and a low clock speed multi-core CPU)
– Front loud speakers, easy access lock/power and volume button
– Support all basic brand of 2Gs, 3Gs, HSPA, HSPA+ etc, 4G LTE is an optional
– 802.11ac Wifi connection, support dual band connection
– NFC, Bluetooth 4.0+, GPS and other kind of positioning system
– Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity and Ambient Light
– Uses micro-usb/USB type C connector to charge, transfer data and stuff
– 3.5mm headphone jack
– LED indication light with multi-color (could be replaced by other source of representation E.g. Back light
– Dual microphone for noise reduction (More microphones is optional)
– Run basic Android Rom, could be running from 4.4 to 5.1 (Better with latest version)

That’s… pretty much it. I just want a simple phone… Oh.. And the price should be reasonable not to mention.. Cuz I don’t have plenty of money..